Why start your own business?

Today someone told me, “well commission won’t pay my bills, will it?” This seriously got me thinking; after all, money is the same as money, right?

If someone had told me to go self employed 20 years ago I think I’d have laughed them out of the ballpark. To me, you made it if you got a well-paid job. This is what I had been taught to aspire to and at no point had anyone taught me to be entrepreneurial, or what that meant – even when doing a management degree. Looking back, it was rather like spitting out Storm Troopers, all ready to get moving on the corporate treadmill and take orders willy nilly.

Now if we can agree, if you had an employed role, you wouldn’t expect to get paid if you didn’t turn up to work, turned up and did nothing, turned up and refused to be trained, or turned up and were rubbish at the role.

Similarly, if you opened a shop you wouldn’t consider this “commission-based”, even when your income relied solely on a “sale”. Retail isn’t generally considered a risky, or even “out there” idea, despite the often thousands or tens of thousands of pounds investment and certainly isn’t questioned by family, friends or society in general.

So why is a commission-based business, with little to no risk, so ridiculed? The money you earn from investing your time, implementing the skills you have learned, and gaining the custom for yourself AND your company still pays the bills just the same as your so-called “guaranteed” income, with no worries about redundancy.

These days I choose my working hours, I am my own boss, I set the standards AND I enjoy a risk-free income that pays my bills. Isn’t it time that people embraced those who choose this career path as viable business owners?

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